Lloyd Tripp


Lloyd earned his Bachelor of Science in Molecular Environmental Biology from the University of California – Berkeley in 2018. In his undergrad, he volunteered at two labs: 1) EvoLab to uncover mechanisms of spider speciation 2) Medina lab to research lipid metabolism pathways in the liver. Also at Berkeley, he taught for two courses: “Introduction to Public Health” and “Foundations in Data Science” in small group discussions. Feel free to ask him about any classical statistical concepts or experimental designs! At Cal, Lloyd found an interest in developing simple-to-use but data-rich assays to help researchers in biomedical research. To that end, he worked at 10x Genomics for 3 years to engineer the fabrication of microfluidic devices for single-cell genomic analysis. Funded by MGI, Lloyd now works in Mitra’s lab to build the next generation of genomic assays to answer fundamental questions. In his spare time, Lloyd likes road cycling, watching movies, and making espresso.