Mihir Vohra

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Mihir received his BA in biology from the University of Chicago in 2011 and a PhD in neuroscience from UCSF in 2017. His thesis work in Kaveh Ashrafi’s lab included establishing that the tryptophan metabolite kynurenic acid is a neuromodulator indicating nutrient status to the nervous system to control learning, brain aging, and tauopathy. In the Milbrandt lab he is studying mechanisms of SARM1 activation and its role in mediating axon...

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Amber Hackett

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Amber Hackett received a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering at Virginia Commonwealth University in 2011. During this time, she worked in the lab of Dr. Jeffrey Dupree studying the role of sphingolipids in central nervous system myelin development and maintenance. Amber received a Ph.D. in Neuroscience at the University of Miami in 2016. For her thesis project, she studied glial scar formation and remyelination after spinal cord...

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Matthew Lalli

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Matthew Lalli is a post-doc in the Milbrandt and Mitra labs interested in understanding neurological diseases using patient derived stem cells. He is trying to apply new technologies to improve disease-in-a-dish modeling by expanding the number of relevant cell types we can generate. Through Cas9-based transcriptional modulation of disease-causing genes, he hopes to discover molecular underpinnings of disease phenotypes. Altogether, these...

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Daniel Summers

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Daniel Summers’ work revolves around how protein homeostasis pathways influence axon health and susceptibility to disease.  His interest in this topic began as a graduate student in the lab of Doug Cyr at UNC-Chapel Hill, where he investigated how chaperone networks recognize unfolded proteins and regulate their disposal. As a joint postdoctoral fellow in the Milbrandt and DiAntonio labs, Daniel identified fundamental properties in the...

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