Axonal degeneration

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Axonal degeneration and glial/axonal interactions in disease Our lab studies the interactions between glia and axons that are required for proper nerve function. Axonal dysfunction and degeneration are early and causative events in nervous system disorders ranging from traumatic injury to inherited and acquired peripheral neuropathies to neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis. Axonal degeneration is an...

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Deciphering the molecular mechanism of axonal degeneration

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We are studying the pathways promoting axon degeneration with the hopes of identifying new therapeutic targets for neuropathy and neurodegeneration. Using robotics and automated imaging systems, we have developed a high-throughput screening platform using primary sensory neuron cultures to find 1) small molecule inhibitors of axon degeneration, and 2) genes required for axon degeneration.

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