Milbrandt lab postdoc publishes paper on axon survival factors

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Daniel W. Summers, Ph.D., a postdoc in Dr. Jeff Milbrandt’s lab, recently had a paper published in PNAS. The paper, “Palmitoylation enables MAPK-dependent proteostasis of axon survival factors,” shows that intracellular location imparts sensitivity to distinct protein homeostasis networks, and inactivating multiple nodes in this protein homeostasis network confers maximal therapeutic potential in diseases of axon degeneration....

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Milbrandt lab researcher takes new position at Novartis

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Bryan McGill, an Instructor of Neurology at Washington University School of Medicine and a member of the Milbrandt lab, has taken a new position at Novartis. “It was a really difficult decision to leave Washington University. The deciding factor for me was the opportunity to work full-time on clinical research full-time investigating treatments for pediatric neurologic disorders,” he said. Bryan will be working as a medical director...

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