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Our laboratory seeks to understand the molecular mechanisms that lead to axon degeneration and the diseases that stem from this degenerative process. We focus our studies on axon/glial interactions and the responses of neurons and glia to axon injury and disease. In particular, we aim to define, in studies performed collaboratively with Aaron DiAntonio’s lab, the molecular program responsible for dismantling injured and/or unhealthy axons. We also study the mechanisms by which disruption of glial cell metabolism leads to axon dysfunction and degeneration. Our laboratory utilizes cutting-edge technologies including Cas9-mediated genome engineering, metabolomics, and high-content screening to manipulate and analyze axon/glial interactions in health and disease. In our research, we utilize mutant mice, primary neuronal and Schwann cell cultures, and iPSC-derived neurons. Our overriding goal is to help develop new treatments for patients with neurodegenerative conditions through fundamental mechanistic research.

Lab News

Rachel McClarney joins Milbrandt lab

Rachel McClarney has joined the Milbrandt lab as a research technician. Welcome,...

Kow Essuman wins FEBS Journal Poster Prize

Kow Essuman was awarded the FEBS Journal Poster Prize for an outstanding poster at the FASEB Conference on NAD+ Metabolism and Signaling. The conference was held July 9-14, 2017, in New Orleans. Congratulations, Kow!  ...

Peter Wang passes qualifying exam

Peter Wang passed his qualifying exam on June 13, marking a major checkpoint in his graduate studies. Congratulations,...

Jeff Milbrandt has paper published in PNAS

Jeff Milbrandt recently had a paper published in PNAS, titled: “mTORC1 promotes proliferation of immature Schwann cells and myelin growth of differentiated Schwann cells.” Dr. Bogdan Beirowski, principal investigator at the Hunter James Kelly Research Institute at the State University of New York, is lead author on the paper. Keit Men Wong, a Ph.D. student at the State University of New...

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